Sabrina Pena

Patient Care Coordinator

I was lead receptionist at a Trauma 1 local county hospital when I was introduced to the field of audiology. Seeing each patient’s joyful, smiling face when they realized how well they could hear the voice of their spouse, grandbaby, or friend made me realize that was where I wanted my career to go.

What I love most about my career is seeing each patient along their better-hearing-journey: At that initial appointment, the patient seems hesitant, anxious, and unsure, then they’re excited when they’re given the gift of hearing, and I get to see them for follow-up appointments and hear their beautiful, touching stories.

I’m also able to connect with my patients through my own life — I recognized my own father’s hearing loss, managed to explain the benefits of seeking a hearing consultation, and saw how much his life improved after addressing his hearing loss. What’s more, my brother-in-law has also benefited from hearing technology. I’m able to give my patients clear examples of how hearing loss doesn’t have an age.

Atlas Audiology is the right practice for me. I love the passion and understanding Dr. Flores shows to her staff and her patients, and I’m honored that she entrusted me with the opportunity to help get her practice up and running. This practice allows me to grow as an individual as well as a professional, and it provides great work-life balance — I spend quality time with my family and provide quality care to our patients.