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Styles of Hearing Aid Technology

Today's hearing aids are not like those of our grandparents. The days of big, bulky devices with poor sound quality are part of the past. Now, devices come in many different styles and colors, and have advanced just like any other technology. There are hearing aids that are smaller than a postage stamp, and others that can pair directly with your phone. Many have Bluetooth capabilities that allow for better and easier conversations over the phone—imagine hearing a phone conversation with both ears!

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We've made the move to smart phones and now we have smart hearing aids. These devices now have the ability to analyze the environment, bring down any unnecessary noise levels, and enhance sounds made from conversations.


We work with many different hearing aid manufacturers, and will help you choose the right device based on your needs. We work with EarQ, Oticon, Starkey, GN Resound, Widex, Signia, and Phonak. Best of all, we offer the free Secure 4-Year Warranty on all EarQ devices.

Adjusting to hearing aids

Adjusting to Hearing Aids

It is important to realize that adjusting to hearing aids is a process. Your auditory system has been without certain sounds for a period of time. The initial programming of the hearing aids help bring back sounds that have been missed. It is important to remember that we live in noisy world. Just like exercising, we don't just throw on a new pair of sneakers and expect to run a marathon. The same is true with hearing aids. It is an adjustment period. The key is being patient.

Widex hearing aids and smartphone app

Remote Adjustments: Once you are fit with your devices, you will likely need some fine-tuning and adjustments. The good news is that this can sometimes be done remotely through a smartphone app! This type of assistance comes in handy when the weather is bad, you cannot get out of work for an appointment, or if you are a farmer who needs to tend to your crop.

Bluetooth Technology: Many of today's hearing aids feature Bluetooth technology, which allows you to connect directly to your smart phone, tablet, television, or other smart devices.

Tinnitus Therapy: Tinnitus can be frustrating for many people. We provide hearing aids that will help with your hearing loss, as well as bring you relief from your tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

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