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Dr. Gina Flores

Dr. Gina Flores

Owner, Doctor of Audiology

"My full circle moment happened during the summer of 2017, when I diagnosed my nine year-old son with hearing loss. I know, I was surprised too! It was at that moment that I realized what God's plan had been for me all along. My heart was heavy as I tried smiling at him through the testing window, all while holding back my alligator tears. How could this be? Why him? These questions and more were swimming through my head. He's nine, going into the 4th grade, what would the kids say? Oh how my heart ached as a mom. However, the thing about it that made this okay, was that God put me here with this education at this precise moment to do what I do best and treat my son!"

Owner and audiologist, Dr. Flores earned her Doctor of Audiology degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. In addition to her doctorate degree, she earned her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. Prior to earning her degree, Dr. Flores served in the United States Air Force for 10 years, following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather who served our great nation.

Dr. Gina Flores was born with a servant’s heart. Choosing to leave the USAF in 2004, Dr. Flores chose to continue her passion for serving by returning to graduate school where she became a Doctor of Audiology. In her travels all over the world with the USAF, Dr. Flores saw a need for improvement in individuals quality of life and what they were missing, in what many of us take for granted, our hearing. Her passion for helping people hear their world and give them hope starts at home.

Doctor Flores is a wife and mother of three beautiful children. Her children have been seeing an audiologist since before they were one. She continues to monitor their hearing and assists with educational environments to make sure they are receiving what they need to pursue their dreams. Although Dr. Flores is a recent graduate of TTUHSC, she has been in patient care since 1996. Dr. Flores is very active in her community. She holds a board position for a local non-profit, Alström Angels. She has served with the local Junior League of Lubbock, and now shares her philanthropic heart with her daughters with the National Charity League, Lubbock Chapter. She is also involved in the Lubbock’s Women’s Club, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, and Lubbock Lions Club.

"The hope and array of emotions I see in my patients and families when hearing again with a hearing instrument for the first time, is what encourages and motivates me to continue helping people hear their world again."

Sabrina Pena

Sabrina Pena

Patient Care Coordinator

Sabrina was born and raised right here in Lubbock. Graduating from Frenship High School, she continues to show her support for the Frenship Tigers by attending local football games and other events hosted in the district. Sabrina's passion for the hearing industry comes from the love she feels when helping patients understand their hearing loss and being able to make a difference for them in their everyday lives. Sabrina started her journey by being the first impression a person saw or spoke to on the phone working at a hospital locally here in Lubbock. With Sabrina being bilingual, she is able to remove the language barrier, giving our patients a better opportunity to share their story along with understanding their results. Sabrina loves watching movies and spending time with her daughter, Haven, who is also a Frenship Tiger cheerleader.

Jasob Flores

Jacob Q. Flores

Chief Financial Manager

Jacob Flores started his career after graduating high school in Big Spring, Texas. Jacob joined the United States Air Force and honorably served for eight years. Jacob and his security forces team were one of the first teams to deploy from Goodfellow AFB and have boots on the ground, following the attacks on September 11, 2001. Following his deployment, Jacob volunteered to become a basic military training instructor, drill sergeant.

After his service to the USAF, Jacob moved him and his family to Lubbock where he was offered a job with the Lubbock Police Department. Jacob started his career off being the top student of his police academy class. He continued to serve his community until he was injured in the line of duty. Jacob received the Star of Texas from Governor Abbott for his heroic efforts in saving a girl involved in an Amber Alert, where he was injured and had to medically retire. Jacob's love and passion for police work and taking care of individuals did not end with his retirement. He, along with local and state representatives will continue lobbying for better health care for injured officers, both those who are able to continue working and those who are no longer able to put on the uniform.

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